Why Do I Smell Something Hot When I Use My Clutch?

You smell something hot every time you use your clutch because the clutch is going bad and slipping. Oxford Automotive explains that when a clutch slips out of engagement it tends to overheat. Unfortunately, you will smell hot odors while you use the clutch until you have the clutch replaced. This is just one sign that your clutch is going bad. Here are others.

Lagging Acceleration

If your clutch is slipping, your vehicle may also lag when you release the clutch to accelerate. This is an indication that the clutch was unable to move the power from the engine to the transmission. This is a sign of a bad clutch that needs to be replaced with a new one. Generally, you can get anywhere from 30,000 miles to 100,000 miles out of the clutch.

Gear-Shifting Problems

Another sign your clutch is going bad is gear-shifting problems. If you are finding it difficult to get the gears to shift even though you have the clutch depressed, the clutch is not transferring the power to the transmission. Forcing the gears will only damage the transmission. A bad clutch may also make it difficult for you to get your vehicle into gear.

Grinding Sounds

One indication that you are having problems shifting gears is grinding sounds coming from the gears. This definitely points to a problem with the power transfer. The gears are grinding because the power is still with the engine. It needs to be with the transmission in order for the gears not to grind. It’s important that you do not force your gears or you may damage the transmission.

Clutch Sponginess

If your clutch feels spongy underneath your foot, it may need to be adjusted, rebuilt, or replaced. It’s important that the clutch always give you resistance when you press down on it. It should feel about the same each time. In fact, using the clutch should be automatic. You are so used to how the clutch feels underneath your foot that you don’t think about it.

High Catch Point

Aside from a spongy clutch, you may also notice a difference in where the clutch catches so you can shift the gears. Usually, when a clutch is going bad, the catch point gets higher. If you’re catch point is higher, the clutch needs to be serviced at a minimum.

Oxford Automotive is the best auto service shop in Oxford, PA, so call us today if you are having problems with your vehicle’s clutch. We will inspect the clutch and replace it if necessary.

Photo by Mihajlo Maricic from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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