If your wheels are out of alignment, it can cause a number of problems for you whenever you’re on the road. Not only is it more dangerous and more expensive to drive with misaligned wheels, but it can also affect your vehicle’s performance. Cars that need an alignment also get worse fuel economy than those in proper alignment. This can really add up over time, costing you lots of money you don’t even know about. In addition, a misaligned vehicle can wear your tires down much faster, causing the need for a replacement much sooner than expected.

A regular alignment can keep you safe, too. When your car is not properly aligned, it may start to pull or drift to one side. This could potentially cause an accident. The excess tire wear is also dangerous. Tires with poor tread have extremely bad traction, which can lead to a blowout. In order to prevent these issues, come see the pros at Oxford Automotive for an alignment today.

Why You May Have Poor Alignment

There are several reasons why your car could be out of alignment. Most commonly, this happens when you drive over something like a big pothole or when you hit a curb. Additionally, if you drive over rough terrain for long distances, it can cause the wheels to be knocked out of alignment. Collisions from minor to major will also result in physical damage to your vehicle, including the wheels and frame. If you notice uneven tire wear or steering issues, ask your mechanic if they think an alignment could help.

If you’ve been coping with loose or difficult steering, it could be a faulty caster angle. The casters are what help your vehicle feel smooth when you steer, and they improve the overall stability of the vehicle. The camber is what helps maintain proper tire wear. When the camber angle is off-kilter you’ll notice uneven tire wear and a feeling of being pulled to one side. The toe is measured by degrees, just like the camber and caster. If the edges of the front or back toes are pointing inward or outward, you will definitely need an alignment.

Alignment Near Me

When you have an alignment, there are a number of great benefits. First, your tires will last longer and you’ll notice a much smoother ride. Your steering will feel easier and you’ll also start to notice improved gas mileage. Overall, regular alignments will ensure that you experience safer, more secure driving no matter where you go.

For alignment, repair services, and more, come visit the experts at Oxford Automotive in Oxford, PA or call us to schedule your appointment today!


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