Why Do I Keep Knocking My Wheels Out of Alignment?

If you keep knocking your wheels out of alignment, we hate to say it but it could be how you are driving. Unfortunately, there are many ways that you yourself can knock your wheels out of alignment, including getting into a fender-bender or more serious auto accident. Let’s talk about some driving hazards that directly affect how your wheels stay aligned. If you are doing any of them, Oxford Automotive warns that this could be the reason why frequent wheel alignments are necessary for your car.

You’re Hitting Curbs

Even if you are in a rush, it’s a good idea to slow down as much as possible when you drive around curbs. If you turn the corners too fast, you’re more likely to bang into curbs or drive over them. This knocks your wheels out of their alignment very quickly because the wheels that make contact with the curb are jolted in an abnormal direction.

You’re Ignoring Bumps

Driving over bumps too fast, especially speed bumps, can also knock your wheels out of alignment. In fact, it’s more important to ignore the drivers behind you and slow down as much as you need to than to worry about how angry you will make them. You won’t see every bump, which is why your suspension absorbs most of them, but it is important to drive slowly over large bumps.

You’re Flying Over Potholes

The same holds true for potholes. Potholes can cause serious damage to your tires, wheels, your wheel balance, and your wheel alignment. These road hazards are basically death for your vehicle’s suspension. If you fly through a pothole too quickly, you could even break an axle. Take them slow and, again, don’t worry about angering the drivers behind you.

You’re Hitting Parking Space Markers

It’s also important to pull into parking spaces slowly, especially if they have the cement markers at the end of them. Every time you hit a cement marker you push your front wheels backward. This is damaging to the tires and it knocks your wheels out of alignment. It can also affect your wheel balance.

You’re Ignoring Your Tire and Wheel Services

Finally, if you aren’t having your tires rotated every 6,000 miles, your wheels balanced every 6,000 miles, and your wheels realigned every one to two years, they will naturally fall out of alignment prematurely. Taking care of your vehicle’s tires and wheels is as important as taking care of the rest of your automobile. Make sure to have your tire and wheel factory-scheduled services done.

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Photo by Goldcastle7 from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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