Transmission Fluid Leak – Most Common From These Five Areas

Leaking transmission fluid can wreak havoc on your automobile’s transmission. This fluid not only lubricates internal transmission gears and parts; it also helps your vehicle shift gears. The fluid is hydraulic and a lubricant, and if your transmission fluid is low because it’s leaking, you’ll damage your transmission. Oxford Automotive can find the source of your transmission leak. Here are five common places where leaks occur.

1. Drain Plug

There is a plug on the transmission pan that auto mechanics loosen to drain old transmission fluid. If the drain plug isn’t tightened correctly after a transmission service, or if the plug is old and stripped, transmission fluid can leak out of the pan via the drain plug and leave you with spots or a huge mess on your garage floor depending on the extent of the leak.

2. Pan Gasket

The transmission also has a pan gasket, which is a thin lining of rubber that lies between the transmission housing and the transmission pan to protect the two parts. Over time, this gasket can get damaged or crack and once it does, your transmission fluid will leak out of it. It’s important to get the gasket replaced right away to avoid damage to the housing or pan.

3. Pan/Seals

The transmission pan itself can get damaged because it’s located underneath your vehicle. If road debris pokes a hole in it, the transmission fluid will leak out of it. The transmission system has a lot of seals between parts, as well, and they can leak as they age due to the heat and pressure they endure. Transmission fluid is red and leaks from the center of your car.

4. Torque Converter

The torque converter is a pump that pushes transmission fluid through the transmission system. It’s kind of like the water pump for your transmission. As the torque converter ages, the body can crack. The converter also has needle bearings through which transmission fluid can leak. This part is crucial to your vehicle’s movement, so it should be inspected regularly.

5. Lines

Finally, transmission fluid lines are made from aluminum or steel. They are durable, but they’re also exposed to road debris just like the transmission pan is. If the fluid lines are hit by large rocks or exposed to extreme heat, they will fail and you’ll end up with a transmission fluid leak. When hit hard enough, a transmission line can be knocked completely off the vehicle.

Oxford Automotive can find your vehicle’s transmission fluid leak and fix it. We’re a full-service auto shop in Oxford, PA.

Photo by chat9780 from Getty Images via Canva Pro