Signs My Power Steering Pump Is Going Bad and Needs to Be Replaced

If your power steering pump is going bad, you will find it difficult to control your automobile. It’s important to have the power steering system serviced every 50,000 miles. If you notice any of the signs below, Oxford Automotive warns that your power steering pump may need to be replaced even if you haven’t driven 50,000 miles since the last power steering system service.

1. Whining Noises

Your power steering pump may make a whining noise every time you turn the steering wheel. This could be a sign that the power steering pump is leaking or it could be an unrelated problem. This unrelated problem is low power steering fluid. At the power steering service, the power steering fluid is checked to make sure that you have plenty of it.

2. Slow or No Response

Another sign that the power steering pump is going bad is a slow response to your steering or no response at all. In other words, you may turn your steering wheel to turn a corner, but your car may not respond. This sign can be accompanied by the whining sound discussed above, and the two in tandem definitely suggest a power steering pump problem.

3. Stiff Wheel

Another sign that your power steering pump is failing is that your steering wheel will feel stiff or strange. It may seem harder to turn the wheel than it normally is. You may also notice that the wheel gives and takes. In other words, it feels stiff at first and then it suddenly feels loose. These are definitely signs of a power steering system problem.

4. Squealing Sounds

If your automobile squeals when you first turn it on, it could be the power steering pump or the accessory belt. You may also notice your vehicle squeal when you make sharp turns. If you get the squealing sounds in both cases, this points more to the power steering pump than a problem with the accessory belt.

5. Moaning and Groaning

Finally, a sign of power steering pump death is moaning and groaning noises. They may be barely audible at first, but as your power steering pump continues to get worse, the moaning and groaning sounds will get louder and louder. If the problem is being caused by low power steering fluid, you can still damage the pump by continuing to drive your automobile.

Oxford Automotive in Oxford, PA, would be happy to inspect your power steering system including the pump if you notice any of the problems above. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Photo by Stason4ic from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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