Signs My Car Has Exhaust System Problems

Exhaust system problems aren’t common, but they can be a huge pain when they occur. Oxford Automotive can help you prevent exhaust system problems with preventative maintenance, and we can also repair any exhaust system problems your car, truck, or utility vehicle may have. Here are the common signs of an automobile exhaust system issue.

Acceleration Lag

Your engine relies on exhaust just as much as it relies on combustion to generate power. If the exhaust is not cleared out of the combustion chamber, new detonation and combustion cannot occur. This reduces your vehicle’s response when you step on the accelerator. It will lag and sputter.

Burning Smells

One common exhaust problem is a leaking exhaust manifold. If your exhaust manifold is leaking, your engine will likely overheat and you will smell burning smells coming from underneath the hood. The hot exhaust pouring out of the manifold is so hot that it can melt engine parts.

Engine Noise

Perhaps the easiest exhaust problem to diagnose is a hole in your muffler. If your muffler does have a hole in it, you, your neighbors, and people a few blocks down will be able to hear your car. If you have a leaking exhaust manifold, you may also hear hissing sounds.

Exhaust Pipe Damage

Although not a glamorous job, one thing to put on your to-do list is to inspect your exhaust pipe on a regular basis. Grab a flashlight and look underneath your car at your tailpipe. Inspect it for holes, cracks, dents, and signs that it is too loose or hanging too low.

Gasoline Smell

You should never smell gasoline inside your car. If you do, pull your vehicle over immediately and cut the engine. Gasoline smells indicate a clog in your exhaust system or catalytic converter failure. What’s worse, you’re likely inhaling carbon monoxide when you smell gasoline.

Poor Gas Mileage

Because your engine relies on exhaust to keep the combustion going efficiently, exhaust system problems will affect your gas mileage. Any time your engine has to work harder, whether due to an exhaust system problem or a fuel mixture imbalance, your gas mileage will suffer.

Power Loss

Finally, acceleration loss isn’t the only thing you’ll notice with exhaust problems. When you do get your car going, you may lose power as you gain speed. Your engine may also cut in and out, and you may find it difficult to get enough power when the engine is under stress.

Oxford Automotive is the best auto repair shop in Oxford, PA. We’d be happy to inspect your exhaust system for any problems and fix what we find.

Photo by thibault_a from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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