Five Signs My Water Pump Is Bad

The thermostat is responsible for keeping track of the engine’s temperature and releasing coolant once it starts to get too hot. The water pump is responsible for circulating the released coolant. As we will discuss in greater detail below, your engine will overheat if the water pump is bad. This isn’t the only symptom, however. Oxford Automotive lists five signs below that your water pump is bad.

1. Coolant Leaks

Engine coolant comes in a variety of colors. Pop your hood and take a look at the color of the coolant in your radiator overflow reservoir. If this color of fluid is leaking from the front, center of your automobile’s engine, you likely have a water pump leak. The average lifespan of a water pump is up to 90,000 miles. If you have more mileage on your automobile than that, it’s possible your water pump is leaking.

2. Corrosion

The water pump leak may not be severe enough to leave pools of coolant. Rather, coolant can leak out of a corroded pump. If you take a look at your water pump, a visual inspection will reveal a gel-like substance all around it. This is coolant slowly leaking out of the pump.

3. Grinding Noise

If the internal mechanisms of the water pump are going bad, you will hear grinding noises. If you hear a whining noise, it’s possible that the accessory belt to which the water pump is attached is too loose. Either of these sounds indicates a problem with the water pump that needs to be resolved.

4. No Circulation

As we said above, the water pump is responsible for circulating coolant through the engine. If the water pump is malfunctioning, it will be unable to push the coolant through the engine. You won’t know that your engine isn’t getting coolant circulation until you experience the final sign of a water pump problem.

5. Overheating

This final sign is your engine overheating. If your engine gets too hot, you may even see steam. Simply put, an engine that isn’t getting any coolant circulating through it will overheat. It’s important that you stop driving your automobile when your engine is overheating. Continuing to drive can be dangerous.

Oxford Automotive in Oxford, PA, can replace your vehicle’s water pump if it needs it. Give us a call today. We’d be happy to set up a visit to our shop that works with your busy schedule.

Photo by Phantom1311 from Getty Images viaCanva Pro

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