Don’t Get Distracted By These Things While Driving

Distracted driving is a big problem on the roads these days, with more and more accidents being caused every year by this relatively new phenomenon. Everything on the road can be a distraction, from other drivers on the road to various things in your car to your car itself. At Oxford Automotive in Oxford PA, we want to see everyone arrive at their destinations safely. That’s why we are taking the time to identify some of the biggest distractions you’ll face on the road, so you know how to avoid them. 

Food & Drink

Nobody really thinks a cheeseburger behind the wheel is going to cause an accident, but it actually can – and does. Sure, you might think it’s no big deal, but a single blurb of ketchup on your white shirt before the big one means your attention is going to be immediately stolen from the road ahead. So rather than take the risk, it might be a better idea to wait until you reach your destination before you grab that quick snack. Better safe than sorry, right?

Your Cell Phone

There is a reason that texting and driving has been made illegal in so many states. Your cell phone is probably the number one thing that will distract you on the roads. Our advice is to toss it in the passenger seat or keep it in your pocket. Even when it’s buzzing away, those texts and emails can wait until you are parked and safe. There is simply no message that can’t wait until you are off the road. 

Your Car Itself

The cabin of your vehicle has more distractions than ever before. Modern systems like GPS, touch screens, satellite radio, and connectivity with your phone, all mean your car itself is trying to steal focus from the road ahead. Our advice is to make sure your GPS and radio are set before you leave the driveway, and ignore the screens until you make it where you need to be.

Eyes Forward, Champ!

When you are driving your vehicle, that should be your only focus – driving. Not a sandwich, not your phone, not your radio, just driving. At Oxford Automotive in Oxford PA, we want everyone to arrive alive, so we encourage you to ignore distractions until you are safely at your destination. Besides, can’t you put down that cell phone for five minutes? 

Photo by Srinrat Wuttichaikitcharoen via Canva Pro

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