Common Diesel Engine Problems That Are Fixable

Being a full-service auto repair shop in Oxford, PA, means servicing and repairing diesel engines, too, which is something we do all the time here at Oxford Automotive. Diesel engines are marvelous feats of engineering. They can generate more power than gasoline engines can all the while using less fuel. They can also stand up to a much higher compression psi. If your engine isn’t running like normal, it could be one of the following common diesel problems that we fix.

Cracked Fuel Injectors

Diesel engines use fuel injectors just like gasoline engines do. Newer diesel engines fire fuel injectors more often than older diesel engines, which means the fuel injectors are more likely to crack or wear down more often. We can replace the fuel injectors regularly to keep the fuel flowing into the cylinders and your engine’s combustion strong.

Power Decreases

A loss of engine combustion due to faulty fuel injectors is one way your diesel engine will lose power. Dirty fuel filters, clogged fuel injectors, and a loose throttle linkage will also cause power production problems, especially when you step on the gas; you’ll notice the acceleration lag. Your diesel engine might also be harder to start.

Glow Plug Failure

Your diesel engine’s glow plugs fire up the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. If the plugs are worn or defective, you’ll have a hard time getting your diesel engine to start, especially in cold weather. Once you get your vehicle started, the idling and operation will be rougher than normal. You’ll literally feel the engine struggle.

Fuel Contamination

Diesel fuel has a higher viscosity rating than gasoline does, which makes it more susceptible to fuel contamination. Many things can get into your diesel fuel and damage it, including bacteria or other micro-organisms, debris, soot, and water. This can cause significant damage to your diesel engine, especially if the fuel is diluted.

Black Exhaust Smoke

Black exhaust and diesel engines go hand-in-hand, but the exhaust should not be excessive. Too much fuel can increase the black smoke pouring out of your exhaust pipes, as can a clogged air filter, problematic cylinder liners, cracked fuel injectors, or problems with the valves or valve stems. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Stop by Oxford Automotive’s auto service shop in Oxford, PA, or give us a call to schedule an appointment. We’ll get to the bottom of your diesel engine’s problems and fix them.


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