Five Reasons Why Oil Changes Are So Important

Oil changes are so important to your vehicle. We here at Oxford Automotive cannot stress this enough. Old and dirty motor oil loses its viscosity and even oxidizes. This transition can severely damage your engine. In fact, it can cause engine seizure and total failure. It’s worth bringing your vehicle in every 3,000 miles for an oil change. Here are five reasons why this prevents expensive auto repairs.

Keeps Your Engine Lubricated

As we mentioned in the introduction, old and dirty motor oil cannot lubricate your engine’s moving parts, and they are moving much faster than you realize. Once the lubrication is lost, the parts will overheat due to the friction they cause. As they get hotter, they wear down and eventually break.

Lubrication Keeps the Parts Cooler

Naturally, if the parts are properly lubricated, they do not produce as much friction or heat. Cooler engine parts extend their life and also helps keep your engine cool. Old motor oil can contribute to an overheated and damaged engine just as long as the old engine coolant can because the parts get too hot.

Cleans Engine Parts

As clean motor oil circulates through your engine, it draws heat, dirt, and metal particles away from engine parts. As engine parts wear down, the metal wears down, and motor oil absorbs this sludge. If you don’t change your motor oil regularly, the oil unintentionally deposits the sludge back into your engine.

Helps With Gas Mileage

An efficient engine is an economic engine, and part of engine efficiency boils down to how hard the engine parts work. If they are dirty, worn, and not well-lubricated, they will have to work harder to run your engine. The harder the engine works, the more gas it burns, and the more trips you make to the service station.

Promotes Higher Mileage

Finally, for all of the reasons listed above, frequent oil changes also extend the life of your vehicle. Today’s automobiles can go well over 100,000 miles; some reach 300,000-plus. One way to get that much mileage on your odometer is to keep the engine healthy with fresh motor oil every 3,000 miles.

Set up an oil change with Oxford Automotive by calling 610-890-8938. We’ll schedule an appointment for you at our Oxford, PA, shop so you can get in, out, and on your way in no time. We will also discuss the best oil for your automobile and a customized oil change schedule if necessary.

Photo by Npdesignde from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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