Why Is Cold Weather Hard on My Car?

We know it’s only October, but we want to talk about cold weather and your automobile now because now is the time to schedule preventative maintenance. Autumn gives us time to inspect your vehicle and address any problems exacerbated by winter weather before winter comes. Oxford Automotive wants to make sure your vehicle is reliable and safe all winter long because you’ve got the holidays and other things to worry about, not your automobile. Here’s why winter packs a punch.

Icy Temps Affect Fluids

Just as your freezer makes ice cubes out of the water, icy temperatures can affect vehicle fluids, including the water/acid mix in your car battery. Antifreeze works tirelessly to prevent the radiator and other engine parts from freezing, but if water makes its way into the radiator, you’ll face some serious damage. Cold weather also thickens motor oil, which can ruin your engine. Your battery relies on a chemical reaction for voltage, but if the temperature is below freezing, that reaction slows down.

Icy Temps Also Affect Roadways

The first rain of the year turns our roads into slip-and-slides. Motor oil on the pavement combines with water to create slick conditions that can cause even the most seasoned driver to hydroplane. As the weather gets worse here in Oxford, PA, the roads get icy, and your vehicle relies on tire tread to cut through that ice, so you don’t lose your grip on the road and slide. Snow makes driving hazardous, both in terms of the roadways and also visibility. Driving in cold weather isn’t fun no matter how you slice it.

Preventative Maintenance Saves the Day

You know where we’re going with this but let’s keep going anyway. Bring your vehicle into our auto service shop now so we can check the battery and fluids to make sure they’re new enough to handle weather under 30 degrees. If the battery or fluids need to be replaced, we’ll do that. It’s also a good idea to check the tires, their tread depth, their balance, your wheel alignment, and your windshield wiper blades and fluid to make sure you have optimal control of your vehicle and visibility in cold weather.

You don’t want to deal with car trouble or an automobile accident during the holidays, so have your autumn car maintenance done now. Call Oxford Automotive at 610-890-8938 to schedule an appointment at our full-service Oxford, PA, auto shop. We’ll get your car ready for the cold.

Photo by Olga_Gavrilova from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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