Why Do Some People Think Diesel Engines Are Better?

Oxford Automotive works on both gasoline and diesel engines, and we love them both. That said, there are some advantages to diesel engines that rank them higher in people’s minds. For example, the power they generate makes them the ideal choice for big rigs because they can handle the weight of the vehicle much better than gasoline engines can. Let’s talk about diesel engines and what makes them special.

Fuel Economy That Runs Circles Around Gasoline

This might seem like a staggering number but it’s an accurate one: 30 percent. Diesel engines can offer as much as a 30-percent increase in a vehicle’s gas mileage. In fact, the fuel economy in today’s diesel engines rivals that of hybrid engines. When you take this into account along with diesel fuel prices in many states, you not only save money at the pump but also fill up less.

How Can a Diesel Car Be as Fuel-Efficient as a Hybrid Car?

Energy density is the simple answer to that question. In layperson’s terms, this means that diesel fuel has more usable energy per gallon in it than gasoline does. In other words, it can use less fuel to generate energy and, as a result, it burns the fuel more slowly. Gasoline is a quick-burning fuel. It doesn’t have the energy density that diesel fuel has so you burn more of it.

Yet, it Still Stands Up to its Higher Compression

One of the reasons why we said above that diesel engines work better in semi-trucks is that they operate using higher compression to produce more torque. There’s a lot going on in a diesel engine that would annihilate a gasoline engine quickly. The high-compression produces the torque a big, heavy semi-truck needs to get rolling from a stop. Diesel engines are basically heavy-duty engines.

Since they are heavy-duty, they are built to withstand the pressures that make them so great. Imagine having more power and more torque while using less gas. Pretty impressive. Even more impressive is how these engines can take a beating. As we said above, they can stand up to their higher compression, so much so, that the record for diesel engine longevity is 900,000 miles. Wow. Just wow.

As we said in the introduction, whether you drive a diesel or gasoline-powered engine, Oxford Automotive is your one-stop-shop for your automotive service needs. We’re located in Oxford, PA, and you can reach us to set up an appointment by dialing 610-890-8938.

Photo by Radu Bercan from Canva Pro

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