What Are the Signs When the Fuel Pump Has Died

Have you ever wondered how your gasoline or diesel fuel makes its way out of the tank and into the engine? The fuel pump is how. You can expect to get about 100,000 miles out of your fuel pump. After that duration, chances are it will go bad sooner rather than later. Oxford Automotive can replace your fuel pump if it is malfunctioning or has died. Here are signs that you need to have this done.

Cannot Get Engine Started

If the fuel pump has died, you won’t have any gasoline or diesel fuel in your engine. Consequently, you won’t be able to get your vehicle started. In this case, you will have to have it towed to our shop so we can replace the fuel pump to restore the fuel’s movement into the engine.

High-Speed Engine Sputtering

Before you end up with a dead engine, however, a dying fuel pump often gives you signs that there is a problem. For example, your engine needs additional gasoline or diesel fuel when you are driving at higher speeds. If the fuel pump cannot push the extra fuel through, your engine will sputter and lose power. You may also notice a power loss when you accelerate.

Overheating/Stalling Engine

Another sign that your fuel pump is dying is your engine overheating and then stalling. This happens because the fuel pump motor is too hot. If the fuel pump is unable to draw fuel out of the tank, the motor will overheat because it uses this fuel as coolant. Little-to-no fuel will cause the fuel pump motor to overheat, and, consequently, your engine to overheat.

Power Loss Under Stress

Your vehicle also needs extra fuel when it is driving under stressful conditions. For example, assume for a moment that you drive a truck and you are towing a trailer behind the truck. This added weight adds stress on the engine, and it needs more fuel to operate. If the fuel pump is dying, you will lose power.

Reduction in Fuel Pressure

Finally, the fuel pump generates fuel pressure, so if it’s dying, you will have a reduction in that fuel pressure. It’s easy to test your fuel pressure with the proper gauge. You can purchase the gauge at an auto parts store, or bring your vehicle to us and we’ll test the fuel pressure for you.

Don’t worry. Oxford Automotive in Oxford, PA, can help if your vehicle’s fuel pump is dying. Call us today to set up an appointment.

Photo by blacklionder from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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