Has it Been Over 3,000 Miles Since You’ve Had Your Oil Filter Changed?

If it has been over 3,000 miles since your last oil change, call Oxford Automotive to schedule this service right away. Failing to have your oil changed regularly can clog the oil filter. When this happens, dirty motor oil circulates through the engine and damages it. If the clog is severe, you may not have any motor oil circulating through the engine. Let’s talk more about this below.

Sluggish Performance

Your engine relies on fresh fluids and filters to run efficiently. If the motor oil that is circulating through the engine is dirty, rather than protecting the engine, it will deposit grime throughout the engine. It will also be unable to keep the engine cool. Consequently, your engine performance can become sluggish if your oil filter is dirty and unable to clean the motor oil.

Reduced Gas Mileage

Anytime your engine’s performance is reduced, your gas mileage is reduced. It might seem strange, but oil changes can actually help improve your gas mileage because they keep your engine performing efficiently. Until you replace the clogged oil filter, you will continue to have the engine performance problems that are affecting your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Audible Metallic Noise

As we mentioned in the introduction to this blog post, a clogged oil filter can inhibit oil circulation. When this happens, you may hear metallic noises coming from your engine. It is crucial that you stop driving your automobile if you can hear these noises. This is a sign that there is no oil in the engine and the parts are clanging against each other. Engine damage is just around the corner.

Oil Dashboard Warning

All of the above can cause the oil light to turn on on your dashboard. In particular, the clogged oil filter will cause problems with the oil pressure throughout the engine. An engine sensor will pick up on the low oil pressure and notify the engine control module of the problem. Because the module cannot change the oil filter to resolve the issue, it will turn on the oil light.

Excess Hydrocarbons

Finally, a clogged oil filter can cause your vehicle to fail an emissions test because the dirty motor oil introduces excess hydrocarbons into your vehicle’s exhaust. If you need to get an emissions test so you can register your vehicle and haven’t had the oil changed recently, have the oil changed first.

We can do that here at Oxford Automotive in Oxford, PA, so give us a call today.

Photo by ollo from getty images via Canva Pro

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